October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Wines

I'm curious, what wine(s) did you enjoy with your Thanksgiving festivities this past weekend and what did you pair it with?

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  1. We had some friends up from the city who brought us a 2008 bottle of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon. One description I found renders it, "intense, sophisticated, powerful and persistent," opening with, "smooth yet brawny tannins," that finally, "broadens into big, bold flavors". Are you kidding me? Sounds like this wine should come with a floatation device. If I had read that description in the LCBO, I would have put the bottle back for fear of drowning. Brawny Tannins? Yuck.

    Surprisingly, this is a story with a happy ending. When I tasted it, I knew only that it was Californian, so I was expecting at least some fruit. To my great surprise (after reading the label, that is) it was really very good. Perhaps the food (pasta in marinara sauce with eggplant) muted those brawny and bold flavours?

  2. We spent the afternoon with family at our place and enjoyed sparkling Vouvray with finger foods under the sun as the kids burned off some excess energy. For dinner, the traditional Turkey feast with all the fixings and a choice of either 2006 Rodet's Meursault or 1999 Jaboulet's La Chapelle - I had both. The Meursault was lovely and complemented the lighter dishes such as spaghetti squash and the white meat while the more powerful La Chapelle matched with the more flavourful foods like the stuffing, sweet potatoes and the dark meat. For dessert, Jacquie's individual carrot cakes, pumpkin pudding and piece of Turtle fudge - we passed on the wine though and opted for a good cup of coffee instead.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  3. Had 2008 Norman Hardie's County Chardonnay unfiltered...yummmy with the turkey feast. Finished help picking his 2010 Chardonnay grapes 2 weeks ago they were yummy too. One for the basket and one for me..hope the yields aren't affected??? Everyone is saying it looks like a stellar year.

  4. We had a 2005 Baden Konigschaffhauser Steingruble Pinot Noir Qualitatswein - Trocken purchased at the LCBO some time back. It was quite a surprise, fruity and low in acid. Married it up with a cornish hen, carrots, cabbage, green beans, crimini fungus and basmati rice. Finished the bottle off with freshly imported Eccles cakes.


    Gary & Joy


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